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100% Organic And Preservative Free Mango Pulp Pouch

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This mango pulp is 100% organic and preservative free made by Mr. Vasudev Gaikwad.
Manufacturer: Pruthvi Natural
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Celebrate the upcoming Diwali

With 100% organic and preservative-free mango pulp.

Through the Mahayana Bhaskar Krishi Sanskriti, we farm in a completely natural way

  • No plowing
  • No weeds
  • Without spraying
  • Chemical Free
  • without trimming

We follow these five principles in a completely non-violent way to produce nectarous food.

You have already tasted the amazing taste of our mangoes, we have made mango pulp from the same amazing tasty mangoes very carefully without using any preservatives.

Why do we do natural farming in the first place?

Once upon a time the earth was heaven, where food was nectar.

We are farming in a unique way with two main objectives to regain that lost paradise and grow nectarous food.

It has a QR code on it, if you scan, you can see the lab test certificate, that there are no chemicals in the mango and no preservatives in the pulp.

If anyone has any doubts, they should check it themselves in the lab of their knowledge. If our statement turns out to be false, we will pay the cost of the report.

How we made this mango pulp?

The best mangoes are washed and cut with a knife and the unripe or overripe parts are separated and only the best part of the mango is used to make this pulp, therefore this pulp is the best, watch the video below to see how we made this pulp.

You can visit our farm anytime without any prior intimation to see how true we are to our purpose.

You are always Welcome.